May 04, 2015

Colonial Times - overview for American Girl Doll

Complement your Colonial Scene with the 3D-printable Pioneer Set for sale in my store.


  1. You could make a covered wagon by getting wheels, a stuffed horse, string, an old board, wire and fabric. Cut the board to about the size of a doll covered wagon. Attach the wheels by putting them on some wire. Glue the wire to the bottom of the board. Bend some more wire into 2 large C shapes. Glue them onto both ends of the board. Cut three pieces of wire as long as the cut board and glue them to the C shapes. Now take some string and wind it to look like a harness on the stuffed horse. Tie it. Then attach it to the wagon. Finally, put some fabric over the wire and glue i in place.

  2. you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

  3. Please make a covered wagon soon!
    Thank You! I can't wait to see it.

  4. Do you have a pilgrim girl outfit?