March 16, 2014

Taekwondo for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • white cotton fabric
  • black cotton fabric for the neck cuff
  • cotton fabric in the color of your belt
  • very heavy stabilizer (iron on)  (for belt) 
  • transfer paper for dark fabrics (optional for logos)

How to make the pants

See instructions here
If you want 7/8 pants like in the above picture, shorten the pattern by 1" (or more if you like)

How to make the top

1. Download pattern here

    For private use only, this is copyrighted by me, Read Creations !!!
    Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

2. Sew shoulder seams together (1/4" seam as everywhere else as well)

3. Add sleeves
4. Cut 2 strips 1" x 6" of black fabric
    Fold strip in half lengthwise
    Open and fold on short side in 1/4", then refold. This should give a nice finished end.
    Repeat for other strip

5. Align nice end of strip with back side of shirt (Part C), right sides together.
    Sorry the blue fabric pictures are from the scrub tutorial

 6. Sew on all the way to the front tip
    This picture shows you how far to sew and also the cut
    from the next step.

7. Cut a small cut from the V-tip to just short of your seam straight down
    (make sure you don't cut your stitches), see above picture

8. Fold inwards
    You can see the cut, we made in the last step
    This picture has already the other cuff from next step

9. Align other strip finished end with the top end (Part B) and sew right sides together
    Stop sewing just before you reach the front cuff

10. Fold inwards and tug cuff behind

11. Top stitch all around

12. Cut off excess cuff fabric and zigzag all rough edges

13. Hem sleeves with  1/4" hem

14. Zigzag sides, then sew side seams, but only up to 1 1/2" from the bottom

15. Fold seam apart and top stitch bottom 1 1/2"all around

16. Hem bottom with 1/4" hem

17. Add velcro

18. Print your logo on transfer paper and iron on shirt (optional)

How to make the belt

1. Cut a strip 38" x 2" from your color of fabric

2. Cut a strip 37" x 1 1/2" from the heavy stabilizer.

3. Iron stabilizer onto fabric leaving 1/2" of fabric on either end and 1/4" on top and bottom

4. Fold up 1/4" on top and bottom (long side), iron

5. Fold in 1/2" on either end, iron

6.  Fold in half length wise and iron

7. Top stitch all around

You are done !!!