December 31, 2012

Native American bedding for American Girl doll

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What you need

  • dark brown short hair fabric (20" x 16")
  • light 'woolly' fabric (24" x 16")

How to make the bedding (what she sleeps on)

Download bedding pattern here
Please use it for Home Use only, this pattern is copyrighted by me, Read Creations !

1. Cut all 3 paper pattern pieces and merge them together as indicated
2. Place on fold and cut

Since this type of fabric does not fray, you are done !!!

How to make the blanket

Download blanket pattern here
Please use it for Home Use only !

1. Cut all 3 paper pattern pieces and merge them together as indicated
2. Place on fold and cut

Since this type of fabric does not fray, you are done !!!

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December 30, 2012

Campfire and marshmallows for American Girl doll

  See my other free Native American tutorials


What you need

  • cardboard (6" x 6")
  • brown or green felt (6" x 6")
  • rocks
  • sticks
  • LED tea light
  • white Sculpey or FEMO for the marshmallows


 How to make the campfire

1. Draw a circle with a 6" diameter onto the cardboard and cut out
2. Glue felt on top and bottom of cardboard circle, let dry, then cut felt to match circle
3. Take rocks and glue around the edge of the circle, let dry
4. Take the LED tea light and set in middle
5. Optional you can wrap some very thin yellow and/or orange tissue paper around it to hide the tea light and make it look like flames
5. Cut some sticks and scatter around, build a pyramid with the sticks around the tea light

You are done !!!

How to make the marshmallows

We took a small stick that was forked and cut it to size (about 7" total length), then we used white Sculpey/FEMO and made 2 small cylinders and poked them on the tips of the forked stick.
You can dust a little brown or black chalk powder to some of the sides to make it look roasted.
Bake it and you have campfire marshmallows on a stick  !!!!

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December 29, 2012

Native American items for American Girl doll - overview

The following items can be found on separate posts

Native American dress and moccasins for American Girl doll

 See my other free Native American tutorials


What you need

  • brown suede fabric for dress and moccasins (around 18" x 40")
  • Velcro 5 1/2" long 1/4" wide
  • decorations for your dress (be creative, this is what I used)
    • 6 white, 15 blue and 11 red beads (5mm)
    • 5 beads that look like elk teeth (I got mine at Ben Franklins called Beader's Paradise - Czech glass & stone chips, almond delight, in this collection are some beads that look like elk teeth)
    • feather (bone or plastic)
    • little glass tubes in dark blue ( I got mine at Joann Fabrics called Darice 10/0 Bugle Beads - 100gr/Multi)
    • suede cording 3mm beige
  • necklace
    • red, green and blue glass tubes, see above
    • white beads (3mm)
    • closure
  • 2 pearl buttons for hair band and black elastic string

How to make the dress

download free pattern for dress and moccasins here

Please use the pattern for home use only !
This pattern is copyrighted by me, Read Creations.
Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

Cut all pieces from paper and tape together part A and B along blue line, same with part D and E to create the front (A/B) and back (D/E)

I had this dress made a while back so I can't show each step, but I took pictures of the relevant areas of the finished dress, so disregard the decorations, they will come later.

1. Cut front (A/B) on fold 1x, back (D/E) 2x, C on fold 1x and F 2x

2. Top stitch part C onto front (A/B) where indicated (wrong side of C onto right side of A/B). This fabric doesn't fray, so we don't need to worry about that, just sew about 1/8" in.
Do the same for both back sides (F onto D/E)

3. Sew shoulder pieces right sides together (shoulder on AB to shoulder on DE on both sides), make sure you don't sew the neck opening shut (marked between the black dots). Just sew from the black dot outward to the red dotted line.

4. Sew Velcro onto both back (D/E) parts, about 1/2" down from the top (soft Velcro on right side of fabric folded over inwards, rough Velcro on right side of fabric) You will have the rough Velcro facing you on the left side of the dress back and the soft Velcro, facing away from you on the right side of the dress, the picture explains it better than my words)

5. Top stitch neck opening (fold the shoulder seams apart and keep this seam all around)

6. Sew the two back (D/E) pieces together (right sides together) from the Velcro down to the red line (about 1" from the bottom of the dress)

7. Lay front (A/B) and merged back piece (D/E) on top of each other, wrong sides together and stitch along the sides between the two black dots (about 1" from the side). You will be sewing on the right side of the fabric, this seam will be visible!

8. Cut about 1" deep (just up to the seam you just did, but don't cut it!) 1/8" wide fringes all around (sleeves, sides and bottom)

Your dress is done, now it needs decorating !!!

How to decorate the dress

This is what I did to give you an idea. Be creative !

1. Take the dark blue glass tubes and sew them onto the dress just slightly offset from parts C and F starting in the back, all around the front and and ending on the other side in the back.

2.  Take the suede cording and cut 3 pieces at 4 1/2" long
3.  Cut the 3 pieces lengthwise in half (you will need 5 of the 6 pieces)
4.  Add 1 red and 3 blue beads
5.  Make a knot on both ends, about 1/4" inwards
6.  Move the 3 blue beads to one end and sew on the "elk tooth" to the opposite knot (I couldn't thread the "elk tooth" bead on the suede cord, that's why I sewed it on the knot)
7.  Move the red bead about 2 1/2" from the end of the blue beads side (this will be not in the center since the blue beads' side is going to be longer)

8.  Bend both sides down around the red bead and wrap a thread around multiple times just below the bead, then sew the red bead onto the dress according to step 9

9.  Go in 2 rows, 3 beads in the bottom row (around 3 1/2" from bottom of dress), 2 beads offset in the top row (around 4 1/2" from bottom of dress)

10.  Take the suede cording and cut a 9" piece off
11.  Thread the suede cord onto the feather to about 5" from one end (not the middle !)
12.  Cut the cord lengthwise in half up to the feather on both sides (where the feather is, it is uncut for about 1/4")
13.  Thread 3 white beads on each of the longer sides
14. Thread 3 red beads on each of the shorter sides
15. Take a red and white side together and sew onto dress, then take the other red and white side and sew onto dress on the other side of the feather, make sure you center the feather
Decorations are done !!!

How to make the moccasins

1. Take two of the soles and put right sides together 
2. Sew along the outside (long sides and front curve), don't sew the back straight section
3. Turn inside out, so the right side is facing you
4. Top stitch from the back for 2 1/2" on both sides (stop just before the curve)
5. Hand stitch along the curved front (start 2 1/2" from the back until 2 1/2" from the other side end) and pull to gather fabric (I used double thread to be able to pull hard enough without ripping the thread), after gathering knot thread so the gathered fabric won't come undone
(this picture has already the tongue sewn in)

6. Fold the back straight section in half and sew in a slight curve (instead of just straight down), cut off excess material at the rounded bottom.

7. Turn inside out, so seam is inside
8. Take tongue and hand stitch inside (I had the doll wear the shoe and stitched it while she was wearing it, that way I knew I had a good fit and I was able to make some last minute adjustments to the gather to make it look good)

Now repeat steps 1 - 8 for your other shoe and you are done.
You can stitch some mini beads on the tongue for decorations if you like.

How to make the necklace 

I wanted it to look like Kaya's necklace and made 3 stands of 3 different lengths
The first one is the longest (10 1/2") and alternates 2 green glass tubes and 2 white beads
The next one (9") alternates 2 blue glass tubes and 2 white beads
The last one is the shortest (8") and alternates 2 red glass tubes and 2 white beads
I tied all 3 strands together on both ends, added 2 white (5mm) beads on each end and added a closure

You are done with your necklace !!!

How to make the pearl hair bands

I got these pearl buttons at Joann Fabrics and just used black elastic string to create a loop long enough to get the hair through 2x.

For more Native American items see my blog 

December 21, 2012

Ballet outfit for American Girl Doll

what you need:
  • pink stretch fabric
  • pink fold over elastic (foe, got mine on ebay)
  • tulle (pink or white)
  • 11" elastic (1/8" wide)
  • matching thread
  • pink lightweight wool and needle set (5 or 2 , depends on you)
  • hard toed ballet shoes (I got mine from ebay)


How to make the leotard 

I used the free swimsuit pattern from LibertyJane (I love that site)
free swimsuit pattern
This pattern comes with detailed instructions and pictures, just follow them.

How to make the tutu

1. Cut a rectangle from the tulle 43"x 8" (tutu will be 4" long, you can adjust it to whatever length you want, just make sure you double it, see step 2)
2. Fold in half to make 43" x 4"
3. Sew along the folded side 1/4" in to make a casing where the elastic will go
4. Thread elastic with a safety pin through created casing
5. Tie or sew elastic ends together
You are done with the tutu !!!

How to make the leg warmers

1. It kind of depends a little on the thickness of the wool and the size of the knitting needles
You can either knit a rectangle and sew it together or you can knit it as a tube, up to you.
2. Cast on enough stitches (even number) to create 5" wide on the stockinette stitch (make a sample first)
2. Start knitting 5 rows alternating purl and knit stitch
3. Knit stockinette stitch (knit one row, purl the next row, repeat) until it is 3 1/2" long
4. Knit 5 rows alternating purl and knit stitch
5. Cast off loosely
Make two and you are done !!!

December 18, 2012

Summer dress for American Girl doll

What you need:
  • 24" x 11" lightweight fabric
  • matching thread
  • elastic thread

Use a lightweight fabric and cut (or better rip, that will make it perfectly straight and square) three squares with the following dimensions
        24" x 9"  (dress)
        2 pieces of 5 1/2" x 7/8" (straps)

Sewing instructions
1. Double hem the two long sides (3/8" wide)
2. Then comes the elastic shirring (see below for info)
3. Go in rows about a 1/4" apart, start 1/4" from the top
4. Make about 9-10 rows ( until you are about 2 1/4" down from the first shirring row)
5. Sew back together being careful to line up the rows as good as possible
Don't be surprised if it is still a little too wide. Hold an iron with steam over it and the fabric will loosen and with that it will pull it tighter.

6. Take the 2 pieces of fabric (5 1/2" x 7/8") to make the straps
7. Create the shoulder straps like double folded bias tape 1/4" wide
(fold both sides half way in then fold in the center)
8. Sew on shoulder straps
       Find center front, mark, measure about 1 1/4" from either side of the mark, sew on
       Measure about 1 1/4" from either side of the back seam and sew on

You are done !!!

Shown abbreviation:
Make a 22" bias tape fold in half and attach in center front and tie behind the neck. That way it will be like a V.

Info on elastic shirring
you can find a lot of info on elastic shirring on the web. One good tutorial is here
Elastic Shirring tutorial

Hospital Gown and wrist band for American Girl doll

Here is my pattern for a hospital gown.

Click here to download pattern

Please use this pattern for private use only, not for retail.
This pattern is copyrighted by me, Read Creations.
Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

Instructions on how to make the gown (all seams are 1/4")

Cut out all pattern pieces and tape together part A and B along the blue line, same for part C with D.
Cut 1 piece on fold of part A/B (the front) and 2 pieces of part C/D (the back). Then follow the sewing instructions below.

1.  Sew shoulders together

2. Double hem both sleeves

3. Double hem back centers

4. Cut 20" of 1/4"double folded bias tape

5. Find center in front gown piece (A) and center of bias tape, mark each with a needle

6. Fit bias tape on neck opening matching the two needles (your bias tape should be centered on neck and about 5" should extend on either side for tying the gown)

7. Sew bias tape on

8. Sew both sides together

9. Double hem bottom


You are done !!!

Now the wrist band

1. Print the doll's name and birth date in font size 6 or 7 (I used 6)
2. Add a barcode underneath, also size 6 or 7
(I use one that is called free 3 of 9, you can download it here (download free barcode font)
3. Cut it down to 4" x 1/2"
4. Put tape on both sides

5. Cut additional tape off
6. Take another little piece of tape to tape it around your dolls wrist (now it can be easily removed and reattached)

You are done !!!!

See also how to make a syringe and a stethoscope  for American Girl Doll

December 16, 2012

Mesh Shower Pouf (scrubby) for American Girl Doll

This is the first time I have ever blogged. So bear with me.

Here is our first blogged project: a shower pouf.

My daughter and I, we took a mesh shower pouf from Walmart and removed the string holding it together. We got this very long mesh tube.

Then we cut a 35" piece off and cut it in half along the length.

We used only one of the halves and refolded it so that the outsides folded inwards and overlapped slightly.

Then we hand sewed it (through all three layers) with very long stitches (varying stitch size between 1" to 1 1/2" to get an uneven look) together. The white string is a little hard to see in the picture.

Then we pulled on the string to scrunch it together. I went back and forth a couple of times to strengthen it and sewed a little rope loop on (you can use the one that came with the original pouf and make it smaller).