December 23, 2013

Winter hat for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • fleece
  • flannel for lining
  • yarn in 3 complementary colors (I used Carron Simply Soft)
  • pointed needle for the yarn

How to make the hat

1. Download pattern here.

    For home use only, this is copyrighted by me, Read Creations !!!
    Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

2. Cut 1 piece on fold from fleece and 1 piece on fold from flannel liner

3. Sew along side and top and other top side where indicated in red

4. Open up and re-fold aligning the seams, sew along top, see red mark

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for fleece

6. Turn flannel liner right side out and align inside fleece (right sides together)

7. Sew around bottom, leaving a 1" opening at the back

8.  Make small cuts along the rim (make sure you don't cut through the thread)
    Make slits on inside curves and cut triangles from outside curves

9. Turn right side out through opening on back

10. Hand-stitch around bottom with yarn.
      Cut a small round hole where indicated in red on pattern on both sides.
      Cut 4x 22" pieces of yarn of each color
      Thread 2 pieces of each color through hole and braid for about 2", tie off and cut leftover yarn.

December 11, 2013

Ice-Skating outfit for American Girl Doll

What you need for the skirt part

  • 4 way stretch fabric (dance fabric)
  • 5/8" wide FOE (Fold Over Elastic) (9" for skirt)
  • piece of paper to make pattern
  • compass for the circles

How to make the leotard

See instructions here on how to make the leotard and the supplies needed

How to make the skirt

1. Take the piece of paper and draw 2 half circles with the same center.
    First circle with a radius of 1 1/2"
    Second circle with a radius of 4"

2. Mark the two ends as going on fold

3. Cut pattern from paper then cut fabric. You would have a ring, if you cut it correctly

4. Mark the quarter points on the inside circle

5. Take the FOE and sew the short ends together to form a circle

6. Mark the quarter points on the FOE circle and line up with markers on dress

7. Sew FOE on dress with zigzag stitch, I folded mine but you can leave it flat too.

8. Instead of attaching the FOE you could just sew the circle dress onto the leotard
    for a permanent skirt.
    Make sure you put right sides together and dress hides seam when down.

You are done !!!