May 26, 2014

Hammock for American Girl Doll

See my tutorial for the hammock stand

What you need

  • 11" x 25"  fabric
  • 2x wooden dowels 5/16" or similar (11" long)
  • 2x string about 18" length

How to make the hammock

1. Double hem a 1/4" along both long sides

2. On short side fold in 1/4" then fold 1", sew

3. Notch around both ends on dowel, to prevent string from slipping

4. Tie string around ends and make a loop in center

You are done !!!

See my tutorial for the hammock stand.

Hammock Stand for American Girl Doll

See my tutorial for the hammock

What you need

  • 4' of 1/2" PVC pipe
  • 2x cross 1/2" PVC
  • 2x 45degree 1/2" PVC
  • 6x end cap 1/2" PVC
  • 2 small hooks or eyelets
  • PVC primer and cement

How to make the hammock stand

Legs and sides are removable for easy storage

1. Cut PVC into the following lengths
       1x  8"    (part A)
       2x  10"  (parts B)
       4x  3"    (parts C)
       2x  1"    (parts D)

2. Take part A and add both crosses on either end, glue in place.

3. Take parts D and add to cross to extend part A, glue in place.

4. Take parts C and add to cross on either side, don't glue.

5. Take 45 degree PVC connector and add to parts D, pointing up, glue in place.

6. Take end caps and add to parts C, glue in place.

7. Take parts B and add an end cap on one end, glue in place.

8. Add eyelet/hook to end cap

9. Add part B to 45 degree PVC connector

10. Paint if you want

You are done !!!

See my tutorial for the hammock

May 21, 2014

Music - overview for American Girl Doll

Recital Dress
Recital Dress
Music Books
Music Books
Music stand
Music Stand

Music Stand for American Girl Doll

See my other Music tutorials


What you need

  • 4 craft sticks (4 1/2" x 3/8")
  • 1/4" wooden dowel (10 1/2" long)
  • chipboard or sturdy cereal box
  • black and/or silver acrylic paint (depending on what colors you want)
    I used black and silver
  • Acrylic sealer
  • Elmer's glue
  • hot glue gun
  • 2 small nails (optional, but recommended)

How to make the music stand

1. Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 3 1/2" x 5 1/2" and glue together, let glue dry.

2. Cut 2 pieces of chipboard 5/8" x 5 1/2" and glue together, let glue dry.

3. Glue piece from step 2 at a 90 angle to piece from step 1 along the long side
    Sorry I forgot to take pictures on the first few steps
    Here is it already painted

4. Round corners if you want

5. Paint black, let dry. Then seal with acrylic sealer.

6. Take 2 of the craft sticks and mark the center

7. Take a craft sticks and cut in center, then remove half your width on both cut sides.
     Repeat for second craft stick.
     The following pictures are from my IV stand tutorial but the principle is the same,
     Just that the craft sticks for the music stand are a little smaller.

8. Take whole craft stick and 2 halves and glue halves on either end,
    Repeat for the other one.

9. Take both finished sticks and glue them onto each other forming a cross.

10.  Paint the finished cross black and seal with acrylic sealer

11. Cut the dowel at an angle on one end, this is the angle the music stand top will have,
     where the sheet music rests.
     You can also cut the dowel shorter if you want the stand to be lower, e.g. sitting.

12. Paint dowel silver and seal with acrylic sealer

13. Glue and nail dowel onto center of cross.

11. With hot glue gun glue center of music stand top to dowel, 
      Additionally attach top to dowel with small nail if possible for extra strength

You are done !!!

May 05, 2014

Fancy Dress for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • 1/4 yrd of velvet fabric (or crushed velvet fabric)
  • 1/3 yrd metallic or other special occasion fabric
  • 1/3 yrd liner fabric
  • velcro

How to make the Dress

1. Download free Liberty Jane Tank Top pattern

2. Cut the neck line pattern a little bigger and cut 1 1/4" off the bottom hem on the pattern.
    Then follow tank top instruction for assembly. Just don't finish the bottom hem.

3. Cut a rectangle 9 1/2" x 43" (or whatever width fabric is) from metallic/special occasion fabric
    Cut a rectangle 9 1/2" x 43" from liner.

4. Double hem the long side of the metallic/special occasion fabric (1/4" up then another 1/4" up)

5. Double hem the long side of the liner fabric

6. Sew gathering stitches on other long side of  metallic/special occasion fabric and gather to length
    of tank top hem (all around from back to back)
    Repeat for liner fabric

7. Layer metallic/special occasion fabric and liner fabric and sew to bottom of unfinished tank top.
    Make sure you have Tank top and metallic/special occasion fabric right sides together, then liner.

8. Sew short ends of metallic/special occasion fabric right sides together.
    Repeat for liner.

You are done !!!

Music books for American Girl Doll

See my other Music tutorials

Book Covers, just click on picture to download PDF file

Composition Notebook book Cover Piano book Cover Flute book cover Clarinette book cover Guitar book cover Oboe book cover Violin book cover Saxophone book cover

Book pages, click to download PDF file (each pdf contains 2 pages, one for front and one for back)
These pages can be printed double sided, they are perfectly aligned on my printer but each printer is a little bit different and it might not fit 100% on your printer

Printing 3 double-sided sheets will give you a nice sized book

blank pages piano pages Guitar empty pages 

How to make the books

1. Download and print cover page on white card stock

2. Cover cover page with self adhesive vinyl (optional)

3. Download book pages, you can select from blank, piano or guitar
    Your book page download pdf will contain 2 pages,
         one front side with frames and
         a backside without frames

4. Print 3 sheets  (with front and back side printed)

5. Cut out along frame and staple to book cover. Fold in half to form book.