May 26, 2014

Hammock for American Girl Doll

See my tutorial for the hammock stand

What you need

  • 11" x 25"  fabric
  • 2x wooden dowels 5/16" or similar (11" long)
  • 2x string about 18" length

How to make the hammock

1. Double hem a 1/4" along both long sides

2. On short side fold in 1/4" then fold 1", sew

3. Notch around both ends on dowel, to prevent string from slipping

4. Tie string around ends and make a loop in center

You are done !!!

See my tutorial for the hammock stand.


  1. Love this idea! Thanks for sharing! I am a fellow AG doll fan that now has a small business offering crafting, sewing and doll accessory camps and classes for young girls (in Northern VA area). I also developed a new 18'' doll birthday party crafting kit that is super fun for any AG lover.

    We just did an AG Doll Camp Out summer camp and the girls would have loved this hammock!

    I have fun and free doll craft tutorials and videos on my blog. Would love for you to visit and see what you think!

  2. What size string do you use for this. Will clothesline work.

    1. I used something called cotton twine which is just a thick twine. Cotton clothesline should work just fine

  3. I love this little hammock! Thank you so much for sharing!
    You’ve been featured at! We love your tutorial. Feel free to submit any plushie or doll tutorials to be featured again.