September 05, 2013

Lunch bag for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • standard grey duck tape
  • colored duck tape for trim (optional)
  • fabric or colored duck tape
  • self-adhesive velcro

How to make the lunch bag

1. Cut a 7" and 3" piece from grey duck tape, cut 3" in half lengthwise

2. Take 7" piece and stick onto fabric, leaving 3/4" fabric on either long side.
     I used a scrap piece of fabric.

3. Cut fabric along duck tape, with exception of last 2 1/2", make 3/4" fabric flaps

4. Take 3" half piece and stick on flap, aligning on top and side. Repeat for other side.
    Duck tape will be overlapping side flaps. See pictures of front and back.

5. Fold bottom up to flaps and stick bottom part of flaps to bottom.

6. Fold up and stick along side of flaps.

7. For optional decorations, cut a 4" and a 6" piece of duck tape of contrasting color
    Cut the 4" piece lengthwise into 3 strips each 3/8" wide.
    Cut the 6" piece lengthwise into 2 strips each 3/8" wide.

8. Take one of the 4" pieces and fold along the flap side down to the bottom.
     Make a small cut where the flap merges with the bag. Cut excess off.
     Repeat on other side.

9. Take last 4" piece and fold across front on flap.

10. Take one 6" piece and fold all around the bottom of bag, making small cuts on bottom of corners.

11. Take last 6" piece and fold around top of bag, cut excess off.

12. Attach velcro

You are done !!!

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