December 11, 2013

Ice-Skating outfit for American Girl Doll

What you need for the skirt part

  • 4 way stretch fabric (dance fabric)
  • 5/8" wide FOE (Fold Over Elastic) (9" for skirt)
  • piece of paper to make pattern
  • compass for the circles

How to make the leotard

See instructions here on how to make the leotard and the supplies needed

How to make the skirt

1. Take the piece of paper and draw 2 half circles with the same center.
    First circle with a radius of 1 1/2"
    Second circle with a radius of 4"

2. Mark the two ends as going on fold

3. Cut pattern from paper then cut fabric. You would have a ring, if you cut it correctly

4. Mark the quarter points on the inside circle

5. Take the FOE and sew the short ends together to form a circle

6. Mark the quarter points on the FOE circle and line up with markers on dress

7. Sew FOE on dress with zigzag stitch, I folded mine but you can leave it flat too.

8. Instead of attaching the FOE you could just sew the circle dress onto the leotard
    for a permanent skirt.
    Make sure you put right sides together and dress hides seam when down.

You are done !!!


  1. I have been looking for that fabric,when I am looking what should I ask for?what is it called? And do you know how much money per yard?
    I am not trying to bug you, I did look it up under the name of "dance wear foil"(that's what an other blog said to look for), and I couldn't find it.
    ~Anonymous(until I get a blog)

    1. Ask for dance or performance fabric (4 way stretch), the metallic looking fabric is called Mystique and I got mine at JoAnn Fabrics. It runs around $16 a yard but you only need 1/3 of a yard and I normally buy with 40% or 50% off coupons.
      You can make the circle skirt and the leotard out of 1/3 yard of fabric, if you use the same color on all of it.

  2. Do you have a pattern for the Skates

    1. No, I don't have a pattern for the Skates. Those were bought. But you can buy a pattern for $3.99 at Pixiefaire (formerly Liberty Jane)

  3. totally off topic of clothes but how did you get her to stay up for this photo amazing job by the way

    1. Thanks, that was a challenging one. She took a couple of spills in the snow because it was so windy that day. It was a race against time and I managed this shot just before she toppled over again.

  4. I love the way your project turned out! My ggdaughter would love this for her doll. Thanks for answering the other ladies questions, I was wondering about the same things.

  5. thank you for your wonderful patterns. love them all

  6. Replies
    1. FOE is "Fold Over Elastic". If you type that into Ebay, you will find quite a few sellers. Good luck.