December 18, 2012

Hospital Gown and wrist band for American Girl doll

Here is my pattern for a hospital gown.

Click here to download pattern

Please use this pattern for private use only, not for retail.
This pattern is copyrighted by me, Read Creations.
Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

Instructions on how to make the gown (all seams are 1/4")

Cut out all pattern pieces and tape together part A and B along the blue line, same for part C with D.
Cut 1 piece on fold of part A/B (the front) and 2 pieces of part C/D (the back). Then follow the sewing instructions below.

1.  Sew shoulders together

2. Double hem both sleeves

3. Double hem back centers

4. Cut 20" of 1/4"double folded bias tape

5. Find center in front gown piece (A) and center of bias tape, mark each with a needle

6. Fit bias tape on neck opening matching the two needles (your bias tape should be centered on neck and about 5" should extend on either side for tying the gown)

7. Sew bias tape on

8. Sew both sides together

9. Double hem bottom


You are done !!!

Now the wrist band

1. Print the doll's name and birth date in font size 6 or 7 (I used 6)
2. Add a barcode underneath, also size 6 or 7
(I use one that is called free 3 of 9, you can download it here (download free barcode font)
3. Cut it down to 4" x 1/2"
4. Put tape on both sides

5. Cut additional tape off
6. Take another little piece of tape to tape it around your dolls wrist (now it can be easily removed and reattached)

You are done !!!!

See also how to make a syringe and a stethoscope  for American Girl Doll


  1. Awww that is so cute!
    I am going to have to make it! :D

  2. Good luck and have fun, I know I did

  3. Thank You my daughter will LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank u so much this is just what I needed to put in my ag doll hospital

  5. How do I get the pattern? It's asking me to sign in to google acct but I use Hotmail? LOVE it! Thanks!

    1. As far as I know you don't have to have a google account in order download the patterns. I was able to download it without beeing logged in when I just tried. Sorry, can't be of any more help.

  6. Need to make certificate from hospital any suggestions

    1. Unfortunately I don't. I have no idea, what you want it to look like. Sorry.

    2. (I realize this comes a little late)There is a site called that allows you to create certificates and so forth.

  7. thank you for this free pattern, my 3 yr. old granddaughter is going into surgery next week and I will be making this for her to give her a sense of comfort.

  8. Thank you for the pattern. My daughter is having her tonsils out soon and she wants her doll to come along to the hospital. I think she'll like that Molly has a hospital gown, too.

  9. Love the idea, and even the doll has her heinie out, just like real life.

  10. Did I miss the amount of fabric needed for this? I figured out the bias tape from the rest of the instructions. Thanks for the patterns, they're cute

  11. I am making some rag dolls to be used at a Children's Hospital. Can I use this pattern for charity purposes?

  12. This was my question! Thank you!!

  13. I have a little special needs friend who has, not only CP, but a host if other health issues and has frequent hospital stays so I thought she might like her AG doll to go along next time. It turned out great. I thought I could add a pic but I don't see where.

  14. I might do this for myself next hospital stay