May 04, 2015

Colonial Apron for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • 1/3 yard of cotton or linen fabric
  • Iron

How to make the Apron

1. Cut/tear a rectangle 8" x 12" (apron piece)
    Cut/tear a strip 2" x 40" (waist band)
    To get a true rectangle I normally tear the fabric rather than cutting.
    To tear, make a small cut with your scissors and then rip the rest of the way.
    If you rip the fabric, I recommend ironing afterwards to shrink the rips back into shape.

2. Take the apron piece and sew a 1/4" double hem (fold 1/4" up then another 1/4") on one of the long sides.

3. Sew a 1/4" double hem on both short sides.

4. Set your stitch length to the longest possible and sew  1/8" from the only raw edge that is left.
    Pull on the bottom (bobin pin) thread to gather to about 6".

5. Fold in half to find center of gathered side and mark center with a pin, then set aside.

6. Take waist band strip and fold both long sides 1/4" towards wrong side.
    Iron to create fold lines.

7. Then fold in half lengthwise, iron to create fold line.

8. Fold waistband in half width wise to find center of waist band and mark center with pin.

9. Align center of apron to center of waistband (align the pins).
   Make sure the seam allowance is folded inwards on the waistband.

10. Sandwich apron inside waistband and pin in place.
      Make sure the seam allowance is folded inwards on the waistband.
      No raw edges should be visible.

11. Fold the ends of the waistband inwards 3/8" then refold waistband.
      This should enclose all raw edges.

12. Top-stitch all around

You are all done !!!


  1. Thanks so much for this tutorial! I made an apron to pair with a colonial dress and it looked so cute!

  2. Thank you for posting these instructions. We are having an American Girl Felicity History Class for our homeschooling daughters and this will be so fun for them to make for their dolls as they also learn to sew. Blessings!