September 29, 2015

Modern Arrow for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • wooden dowel 1/8" diameter (or kebab sticks), 7" long for each arrow
  • craft foam sheets in 2 colors (1 - 2 mm thick) (mine are white and green)
  • acrylic paint for shaft (mine was black)
  • acrylic paint for arrow nock (mine was green)
  • silver paint (I use silver leafing found at Walmart)
  • acrylic sealer
  • sand paper
  • rotary tool or sharp knife to cut a notch (Adults ONLY please !!!)
  • super glue (Adults ONLY please !!!)

How to make an arrow

1. Cut a 7" piece off the wooden dowel (I just broke it off)

2. Sand one end flat, the other rounded (here the shaft is already painted).
    Rounded side is on the left, flat side is on the right within picture below.

3. Cut a notch about 1/8" deep into the center of the flat end of the dowel.
    This is where the arrow will go onto the bow string.

4. Paint the dowel in your shaft color (mine was black) and let dry.

5. Dip the rounded end about 1/8" deep into the silver leafing paint and let dry.

6. Dip the notched end about 1/4" into the paint used for the arrow nock (mine was green)
    Let dry.

7. Seal the whole arrow with acrylic sealer.

8. To cut the vanes for the arrow, download the archery templates here.
    This is copyrighted by me, ReadCreations !
    For home use only !!!

9. Cut 2 vanes out of one color craft foam (green), and 1 vane out of another color craft foam (white)

10. Take your arrow and lay it on a mat, turn it so the arrow nock is horizontal to the mat.
      I used a thin metal ruler and put it into the nock to make sure the arrow didn't turn.

11. Take the vane which has only one of that color (white) and add a bead of super glue onto the
      straight side of the vane.

12. Glue vertical onto the arrow shaft, about 1/2" from the end. Make sure it is vertical to the slit !
      Make sure you don't glue your fingers on it too !!! ADULTS ONLY !!!!
      Let glue dry.
13. Turn arrow and glue the other 2 vanes at 120° and 240°, starting again 1/2" from the end.

Your arrow is done !
Please be safe with those and don't really shoot them!

See my other free archery tutorials 


  1. This is so cut I made my dolls bows and arrows but yours is so real looking:)


  2. I love this, its really awesome! I love your blog! THANK YOU for sharing your awesome ideas!

  3. I love this, its really awesome! I love your blog! THANK YOU for sharing your awesome ideas!