June 26, 2013

Hospital Syringe for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • hot glue gun
  • glue sticks
  • mini glue stick (about 5/16" diameter)
  • permanent marker
  • small nail (3/4" long)
  • scissors

How to make the syringe

1. Cut a 1 1/4" piece of the mini glue stick

 2. With the hot glue gun squeeze a glob slightly larger than the mini glue stick diameter on a
     heat resistant mat and center mini glue stick piece in it

3. With the hot glue gun squeeze a slightly smaller glop on the mat

4. After hot glue has completely cooled off, add a small amount of glue on the center of the syringe
    top and let cool.

5. Take the smaller glop from step 3 and glue onto syringe top (centered)

6. Take small nail and surround top 1/4" with glue, roll it so it is evenly distributed around the nail

7. Glue needle to the bottom center of the syringe

8. You can either cut off the nail sticking out (to be save and not scratch your doll) or put a small
    amount of glue at the tip of the nail, again to protect the dolls and everybody else from being

9. Take the permanent marker and mark the fill lines on the syringe

You are done !!!

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  1. Oh my gosh that is so cute!
    But just wondering, is there a way to make it
    without all the hot glue,(I can't use hot glue)

  2. You could use translucent clay like FIMO or Sculpey for either the hole syringe or just for all the parts besides the glue stick (tube part). If you use the glue stick for the tube part, prepare all the other parts and bake them, then glue them onto the glue stick when cold. Hope that helped.

  3. OOOHHHHH! I am sooooooooo! Making this right now! I love it! Super cute! All of your crafts are awesome!

  4. My syringe turned out great! thanks for the instructions!

  5. use a medicine dropper and it has same effect

  6. I love all your crafts, but could you try to use more common materials? I don't go to Michael's that often. Thanks!

  7. Thank you for this...after weeks and weeks of searching for a "doll's house" size syringe for an art project....this is just brilliant...made two of these in about 10 minutes and now installed in my 3d artwork! The Power of the Glue Gun!!!! - Thanks ...Tim

    1. I am glad it worked out for you. Always happy to hear how I can help somebody out :-)