June 28, 2013

Hospital Mask for American Girl Doll


What you need

  • thick paper napkin/paper towel or fabric
  • 1/4" elastic or yarn with napkin or double folded bias tape with fabric
  • hot glue gun or Elmer's glue for napkin, not needed with fabric

How to make the mask

1. If you are using the paper napkin, cut a rectangle 3" x 4"
    If you are using fabric, cut a rectangle 3" x 3 1/2"

2. Find the middle along the longer side and mark. This is the center mark C.

3. Mark the following
    Between C and 1:   1/4"
    Between 1 and 2:    1/2"
    Between 2 and 3:    1/4"
    Between 3 and 4:    1/2"
    Between 4 and 5:    1/4"
    If you use fabric, 5 is the end of the fabric
    If you use napkin, you will have 1/4" left.

4. Repeat step 3 until all is marked

5. Fold mark 1 onto mark 2. Glue or pin in place

6. Fold mark 3 onto mark 4. Glue or pin in place
    If you glue, use little glue and press down hard to make it as flat as possible.

7. If you use napkin, fold last 1/4" under at mark 5

8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 for other side
 9. This step is for napkins, if you use fabric skip to step 10
     Either use elastic or yarn and glue onto mask, then fold last 1/4" over and glue.
     You might want to add a small glue dot in the center, to hold the flap down
     I used 10" for the top strap and 7 1/2" for the bottom, adjust as needed.

10. For fabric masks, take double folded bias tape and sew along the short side.
      Then take one long tape and center in center of top of mask,
       Sew first as ties then onto mask, repeat for the bottom.

You are done !!!

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  1. I can not download doctors top and pants. Is there a reason why? No problem printing out hospital gown. Love your blog and thanks for sharing.

    1. It won't work yet. I am still working on finishing that blog. Sorry about the confusion.

  2. This is great! My daughter will love it!

  3. My granddaughter asked for one for her doll to match hers. This is perfect! Thank you.