June 26, 2013

Hospital Stethoscope for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • 9" wire
  • 9" long small diameter black wire tubing shrink wrap for diameter of wire
  • hot glue gun
  • silver paint 

How to make the stethoscope

1. Bend middle of wire half way around a glass or something with an approx diameter of 2"

2. Cut 5" of the shrink wrap and thread on wire, centering it in the bottom.

3. Bend both ends 90 inwards

4. Add a glop of hot glue to both bend ends and roll with fingers to smoothly coat all around

5. For the chest piece create 1 big glop around 3/4" diameter and a smaller glop around
   1/2" in diameter  (you can always cut them to size when they have cooled off)

6. After the glops have cooled off put some glue in the center of the big glop and let cool

7. Cut a 1" piece of wire and glue the small glop onto the big glop with the wire in between

8. Cut a 4" piece of shrink wrap and and make a small cut accross

9. Glue around bend in head piece

10.Glue little wire into the other end

11. You can paint the ear pieces black and the chest piece silver if you like

You are done !!!

See also on how to make a hospital gown and a syringe for your American Girl Doll


  1. Where did you get the tubing from?

    1. We had it at home, but I would have to assume you could find shrink tubing at ACE Hardware or HomeDepot or any other hardware or electronics store.
      If anybody bought some, please let us know where you got it.

    2. Electrical supply, hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.

  2. You should make dog stuff

    1. A vet section is on my list, just need to find the time. Supplies are already bought. Keep checking back :-)

  3. I'm not allowed to use hot glue. Would Elmer's glue work?

    1. It should. You will have to wait longer for it to dry completely

    2. No, Elmer's Glue would not work since it won't hold its shape while drying. You could use cardboard circles instead. To get the thickness you might have to glue multiple layers together. Otherwise you could use 2 different sized buttons and glue/sew those together.

  4. When I made one awhile back, I used a small clear rubber suction cup ( for hanging items on a window) for the bell section. Ran a small wire thru the top of it and attached it to my tube. I used a thin nail, heated, to make the hole. Didn't need to paint it. You do nice work. Thank you for sharing.

  5. Any ideas for a blood pressure cuff?

  6. Did you shrink the tubing? Thanks