June 07, 2013

Bikini for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • 4 way stretch lycra or spandex
  • 5/8" fold-over-elastic (foe), about 1 yrd

How to make the bikini

1. Download free pattern here.

    For home use only, this is copyrighted by me, Read Creations !!!
    Make sure you have page scaling set to none !

   If you want the shorter bikini top, cut 1" off the bottom of both top sections.

2. First we are going to do the pants.
    Sew foe around leg openings, pulling tighter on the butt side and less tight in the front

3. Fold right sides together and sew along one side.

4. Sew foe around top, pulling slightly.

5. Sew other side
    Your pants are done !!!

6. Now the top. Sew shoulder right sides together

7. Sew foe along neck and arm opening, pulling slightly

8. Fold right sides together and sew on side seam

9. Fold bottom 1/4" up and sew, trying not to pull the fabric

10. Fold right sides together and sew other side seam.

11. Cut a 4 1/2" strip of foe and sew together for strap

12. Determine position of strap and sew in place in front and back
      (about 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" from side seam)

You are done !!!

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  1. What a great pattern! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  2. Thanks for sharing. What is the width of the FOE you are using?

  3. the foe is 5/8" and I needed about a yard.

  4. aaarrrggghhhhhh....I hate it that I don't have an inch ruler.....sucks.....

    1. I added a converter to my blog. That should make things easier ;-)

  5. This is very cute!

  6. if u selled these u could make extra money to buy like lot more fabrics a bet people all over the world would kill to have a cool bikini

  7. What's a for???��

  8. Replies
    1. It's fold-over elastic. It's kind of a colorful elastic band, in this case 5/8" wide, that can easily be folded in half lengthwise.

  9. what are the lengths of FOE that you are using in the Legs and waist and arms and neck and midriff of the top

  10. That's neat, I always wanted to know how to make doll swimsuits(I have Isabelle girl of yr 2014 and a homemade doll w/ brown eyes/hair, tan skin ,and tons of clothes) except I never got a doll swimsuit :(

  11. awesome pattern great for all AG dolls

  12. You mention a yard of foe for the whole project but how much do you use in each side? such as on the sides and the waist?
    Thank you

    1. Just go a little less than the length of the part that you want to use the FOE on. I never measured, I just pull the Foe slightly. Around the leg opening a little more, along the waist a little less.

  13. This pattern did not fit any of my 4 American Girl dolls! I cut out 3 bathing suits and wasted an 45 mins sewing one of them. I did not fold anything over. I did as instructed and the bottom was too low and the top too small around the chest! Very disappointed.

    1. I forgot to mention that the top back is 1/2" shorter at the arm hole than the top front so they don't meet! Worst pattern ever!

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