July 03, 2013

Band-Aid for American Girl Doll

What you need
  • Brown/Tan colored medical tape (I got mine at Target, see below)
  • Toilette paper or paper towel

How to make the Band-Aid

1. I got the following medical tape from Target. This one is really great, it doesn't really have glue on it.
    It is just sticky.
2. Cut strips 1" x 3/8" and round corners

3. Take a little square of toilette paper or paper towel and add in the center

You are done !!!!


  1. I love your idea :) Seeing yours, that made me think of this simple idea--get a small band-aid and cut it down to the size of a doll band-aid! I guess you'd remove the white backing, then to make the adhesive back not sticky, add clear tape, then cut around it in the desired size. Right?

    1. You could do that. I didn't want to use a regular band-aid because the adhesive always leaves a residue but it would definitely work.

  2. Actually, I use that stuff to prevent blisters at dance. I always have it, so thanks for the tutorial. Can you please make the scrubs?

    1. Scrub pattern is finally up. Check the hospital collection page. Have fun !

  3. Replies
    1. a band aid is something that cover scrapes,cut,and even paper cuts.