July 19, 2013

Harry Potter Accessories for American Girl Doll

 See my other free Harry Potter tutorials

Here are a couple of things I found to complete your Harry Potter theme

I found Hedwig's cage as a tea light holder at Michaels or a similar one at Amazon
(search for Bird cage tea light on google)

You can make Hedwig from polymer clay (for the body) and feathers or get a white owl from
e.g. Snowy Owl from Schleich or Snowy Owl from Bullyland

A trunk at Hobby Lobby, the web site says you can only buy it as a set but I was able to buy the smallest one in the store separately.

The chocolate frog card you can find in my blog, the frog I made from polymer clay .

The marauder's map you can find on my blog as well.


  1. OMG, this is so adorable! We love all things American Girl - and finding affordable dolls & furniture the most fun! Check out the super cute beds we make at http://www.girldollbeds.com !!!!

  2. I was in Waterstones bookshop months ago and found a load of Harry potter themed stocking fillers, including a Hedwig in a cage that's about the same size as the one you've made. It's perfect for a 18inch doll accessory.