May 13, 2013

Harry Potter Tie for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • Fabric in the house color, you can paint stripes diagonally, if you want
    • Gryffindor: red fabric, stripes gold
    • Ravenclaw: blue fabric, stripes bronze
    • Slytherin: green fabric, stripes silver
    • Hufflepuff: yellow fabric, stripes black
  • Thread
  • Iron 

How to make the tie

I am going to cheat here. Ties are normally not made that way, but I wanted to make it easier.

1. Cut a strip of fabric 2" wide by 19" long. Fold fabric along the length in half (you should
    have 1"x19")

2. Paint stripes in a 45 angle if you want, before you fold fabric. After paint is try, fold fabric
    with painted side facing inwards.

3. On one end measure 3/4", creating point A on the other end measure 5/8", creating point B
    Cut in a straight line between those points.

4. Sew between point A and B with a 1/4" seam

5. Open and center seam in the middle. Iron seam apart.

6. Sew tip of tie on wider end as a triangle, clip corners

7. Turn right side out and finish narrower end. Iron.

You are done !!!

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  1. Thank you so much for your patterns and tutorials. I am making the Hermione school uniform for my niece. Because I can't knit, though, I'm going to need to make a full white collared shirt ( not a cheater). Do you happen to have a pattern? I'm intimidated by the tiny sleeves and collar!Thank you, Katy

    1. Sorry, no I don't have a long sleeve shirt pattern. If you don't want to knit, you might be able to find an old thin grey pullover at Goodwill and sew a pullover instead of knitting one. Good luck.