May 13, 2013

Harry Potter Skirt for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • fabric (at least 40" x 8")
  • thread and pins
  • iron
  • velcro or sew-on snap

How to make the skirt

1. Cut a rectangle 40" x 6" for the skirt and a rectangle 1 1/2" x 12" for waist band.

2. Fold skirt rectangle with 3/4" pleats (leave 1 1/2" at the beginning), pin in place and iron in place

3. Sew along the top just less than a 1/4"

4. Fold together to get 11" in waist but make sure the pleats match and form a continuing pleat
    pattern. Open the last pleat and sew along the inside fold line.

5. Sew together but leave top 2" (sew where red line is)

6. Add waist band along top on wrong side of skirt, right side of waist band facing wrong side
    of skirt

7. Fold over onto right side of skirt and fold waist band in about 1/4". Sew 1/8" from edge.
    Tuck in ends on both ends to form a finished end.

8. Hem bottom of dress (fold in 1/8" then another 1/8")

9. Add sew-on snap or velcro

You are done !!!

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  1. How much space is between the pleats? If I was to mark the fabric so I know where to pleat, I would be marking every 3/4" and ___", right?

  2. what fabric do you recommend I use?

    1. I can't remember what it was. I think it was suiting fabric.