May 23, 2013

Small Backpack for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • Fabric for outside of backpack (fabric color A)
  • Fabric remnant of different color for pocket and flap (fabric color B)
  • Fabric for lining backpack (fabric color C)
  • String (about 15" long)
  • 3/8" ribbon for backpack straps 10" long each (optional, you can also use fabric e.g. color B)
  • Small snap or velcro
  • Small safety pin

How to make the backpack

1.  Download free pattern here
     Remember to set scaling to none.
     For home use only, this is copyrighted by me, Read Creations !!!!

2. Leave Part E folded and top stitch 1/8" from fold

3. Lay on right side of one of the Part A, align bottom and sides

4. Add both backpack sides (Part B) and then other Part A

5. Top stitch 1/8"  all 3 seams

6. Sew last seam together to form a loop and top stitch as well (this is a little tricky but possible)

7. Cut straps 10" long  from ribbon or use bias tape made from your choice of fabric.

8. Pin straps to bottom back (Part A without pocket) about 1/4" in from side seams on right side

9. Pin and sew bottom to the sides. Make sure you really have the bottom (where the pocket is).
    Right sides together, sandwiching the straps

10. Turn right side out

11.  Take one Part D and add snap button or velcro

12. Sew flap together (Parts D) right sides together (button/velcro is inside) and clip the rounded corners

13. Turn right side out and top stitch 1/8". Picture shows back side of flap. Button is on the other side.

14. Take Part G and sew into a tube along short sides. Take lining Part C and sew to Part G to form
       lining of inside backpack

15. Take Part F and fold both short ends in about 1/2" wrong sides together then fold in half the long side,
      wrong sides together and pin to top of the lining finished in step 14.
      Pin to the right side of Part G leaving a space of about 1 1/4" centered on the front side

16. Zigzag or sew with less than 1/4" seam in place

17. Take outside Backpack finished in step 10 turn back wrong side out and align straps with open
      top about 1/4" from sides (make sure straps are not twisted).
      Then add flap, centered on top (on right side of backpack, buckle/velcro on flap facing away from

18. Pin lining to Backpack, right sides together and sew leaving a 1" gap in the front

19. Turn right side out through opening

 20. Then stuff lining inside of Backpack.
       Take a small safety pin and thread string (about 15" long) through top.
       Add button/velcro to backpack

21. Hand sew gap closed with hidden seam.

You are done !!! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing! This looks super easy! I can't wait to make it with my daughter.

  2. Is it ok if I make some of your crafts and post tutorials on them on my blog? I will give credit to you if course!!

    1. That's fine. Thank you for asking, I really appreciate it. I would love to see your tutorials, maybe you can post your blog site here and I can have a look. Have fun !!!

  3. I love this pack and can't wait to make it!!! Also please please PLEASE inform us how to make the vest the doll is wearing:)!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hello. When I hit the "here" button you have that is blue, it goes to this site,, and stays blank. I thought you should know. Thank you. Lovely site and fun too. Oh, I still need the backpack pattern too.

  5. I was able to download the pattern without any problems. The pattern is stored on a google server which hosts the google documents. Try it again to see if you can download it now. I have heard a few times before that a pattern didn't download one day but worked fine the next. Sorry about that, unfortunately that is out of my control. Hope you are in luck this time.

  6. Hello, What do you do with the ends of the string after they are pulled through with safety pin? Thanks! And I love the backpack - so does my granddaughter! Thank you!