April 09, 2013

Harry Potter Wand for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • paper
  • 2 tooth picks
  • Elmer's glue
  • hot glue gun
  • acrylic paint
  • sealer (I used ModgePodge gloss acrylic sealer)
  • rubber band
  • cardboard, e.g. cereal box (for the wand box)
  • grey gift wrap tissue

How to make the wand

1. Take the toothpick and lay it diagonally across the corner and start rolling very tightly

2. Stop until you have about 4" of paper left and put glue all over the leftover triangle of paper (make sure you go all the way to the edge of the paper)

3. Finish rolling it up (if some glue pushes out, just wipe it off) and let glue dry

4.  Cut to about 5 1/2" in length. I cut an 1" past the middle and measured 5 1/2" from there. The thickest part (that is why I cut 1" past the middle) will be the handle and then it will taper off to the tip

5. Use hot glue gun to fill the tip and slightly round it.

6. Fill the bottom and add a layer of hot glue around to form the bottom part of the handle. (I added a toothpick in the bottom so I can dry it easier when I paint. I just stick it in a flower arrangement sponge, the disadvantage is, you will have a hole in the end that you need to fill when you are done)

7. Leave 1 1/2" where you don't decorate. This is the handle after that go wild and decorate with hot glue.

8. To make it look old and used, I first painted the wand in a lighter brown (kind of rust color) and let it dry, then I painted over it with a very wet dark colored brush and wiped some off with a paper towel. With that I got the darker coloring in the grooves which makes it look old and used.
You can layer it with multiple different colors to give it some depth.

9. After the paint has all dried, seal it with an acrylic sealer, I used ModgePodge gloss but matte would work too, depends on the look you want. This wand is so easy to make that you can make multiple ones and see what you like best

10. If you used a tooth pick in the bottom for painting, remove it and fill the whole with hot glue and paint and seal it.

11. Take a rubber band and attach to handle.

You are done !!!!

How to make the box

1. Take the cardboard and cut a rectangle 9" x 4". Cut the corners out (square 1")
    Bottom will be 7" x 2" x 1"

2. Take the cardboard and cut a rectangle 9 1/4" x 4 1/4"". Cut the corners out (square 1")
    Top will be 7 1/4" x 2 1/2" x 1"

3. Fold all sides up and secure with tape

4. I covered the inside and outside with paper to be able to paint it (some cardboard boxes have that gloss that doesn't take paint and the tape can't be painted either) but you can skip this step.

5. Paint box bottom and top inside and out and let dry

6. Print the labels (I found them on google and resized them and have them here for download)

7. Glue labels on box, then seal with acrylic sealer

8. Cut tissue paper to fit inside box, make sure it is long enough to be folded over

Have fun !!!

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  1. Hi! I am an AG doll fan from Finland and I don't use inches. Could ou please translate into Centimetres (cm) because I really want to make this fabulous craft but canät with inches! Thnk you! By the way, your crafts look really amazing!

  2. Thank you.
    You could convert it. 1" equals 2.54 cm. To make it easier you can use an online converter, e.g.
    Good luck.

    1. I added a converter to my website. I hope that will help.

    2. Thanks!! Oh, by the way I was typing so fast that I missed the "y" on "you" and I put an "ä" by accident instead of ' . Anyways, thank you!

  3. omg! i am in love with harry potter and ag dolls so this is perfect for me !!!!!!

  4. I also made a wand, but differently. I think it's easier, I took a chopstick (unused of course) and I cut it off to the desired length, painted it, and then added texture with puffy paint see so much simpler

  5. Thanks for this awesome free tutorial!

  6. this is so cool! i tried to make a wand with a toilet paper. DON'T try it!!!