April 09, 2013

Harry Potter Letter for American Girl doll

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A while back I found this great blog about how to make a Harry Potter acceptance letter.

I followed the directions and created the letter and saved it in the proper proportion for AG dolls.
Then I created my own envelope and stained the paper to make it look like parchment (see How to stain your paper below)

How to make the letter

1. You can download the AG sized letter and envelope here.

    Please use this only for home use !!!

    Print with scaling set to none. You can either print on parchment looking paper or stain the
    paper to make it look like parchment paper.

2. Write your dolls last name on the first letter page Dear Mrs ...

3. Cut pages and fold in half

How to make the envelope

1. Write in green letters your dolls address like this
       First Name
            description of place e.g. cupboard under the stairs,   XXX messy bedroom,...
                  street name
                         town, state
    The address is supposed to be offset like above

2. Cut along the lines then fold

3. Glue together

4. You could make a seal from melted wax, crayon or hot glue (painted red), ...

Hogwarts Ticket

I found this great blog that has a ton of great things that can be re-sized for your American Girl doll, like the chocolate frog cards and the Marauder's map.
Here is the ticket as image just in case

Save image to your computer than print with scaling set to 65% (under Options) and 9 images per sheet

How to stain your paper

To stain the paper make sure you print on a laser printer, then soak paper in warm (black) tea or coffee. If you want to put some darker spots on the paper, sprinkle some instant coffee on the paper while it is soaking in the tea or coffee, then swish the instant coffee off carefully. Take out of tea and let dry  (you could speed up the process of drying by putting it in the oven on the lowest setting). I ironed my sheets after they were dry.

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  1. Thanks so much, thats Awesome! I love AG and Harry Potter.

  2. There appears to be a virus associated with this website. It downloaded an unrequested .exe file which my antivirus rejected.

    1. I have downloaded the file to check it with my professional antivirus software and I can't find any virus. The blog and this pdf file is hosted by google which has excellent virus protection. No file can be uploaded without being scanned by google for viruses first. So I can only assume that your antivirus software flagged something that did not come from the blog.
      Has anybody else had any problems?

  3. Thank you so much for posting the tutorials for making HP stuff. My daughter is getting a suprise trip to HP/Diagon Alley in January for her birthday & is taking her doll companion with her. Now they can both receive Hogwarts Letters & Supply lists.

    1. You are very welcome.I would love to go there myself. Have a great trip.