April 09, 2013

Harry Potter broom for American Girl doll

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What you need

  • branch 16" long
  • pine needles or very small twigs 2" long
  • twine
  • hot glue gun

How to make

1. Cut the branch to a length of 16"

2. Glue the pine needles around one end of the branch.
    I went around in multiple layers to get it nice and thick. The draw back with pine needles is,
    they are quite brittle and might not hold up to rough play.

3. Glue twine around top of pine needles to make it look like a broom

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  1. Hah so cute, now u can just carve or write with sharpie.on the side "nimbus 2000"

  2. I love your ideas! Im carving, "Firebolt" on the side and penciling in gold inside it! It is an AWESOME idea! :) Thanks!! ;D

  3. I'm pretty sure you could use straw to get the same effect- but it may be more sturdy.

  4. I thought bout using bristles from old broom.