January 16, 2014

Hearing aid for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • paper clip
  • FIMO or Sculpy in your choice of color
  • instant glue
  • wire cutter

How to make the hearing aid

1. Open up the paper clip and bend it around your dolls ear

2. Take a small amout of FIMO and form around the back of the ear (not too thin)
    Just up to the hair (push the hear up as far as possible, the hair will help hold it in place later)
    Try to go behind the ear to give better hold later.

3. Take a very small amount of FIMO and form into a small ball

4. Take the paper clip and push a whole where the wire (paper clip) is going to be

5. Bake according to instructions and let cool

6. Cut paper clip to length and glue FIMO pieces in place

You are done !!!


  1. Wow, that looks SO cool! Loving it :)

  2. Have to try this!

  3. is that removable???

  4. I meant what is Fimo. Is it like clay?

    1. it is a polymer clay that you have to bake in your kitchen oven to harden.

  5. thank goodness I can deal with her special needs now! :) Thanks!

  6. I'm going to try this on my daughter's new Wellie Wisher she's getting for Christmas! Thank you for the tutorial!

  7. Thank you so much for this!!! My daughter is 3 and getting a bitty baby for christmas and we were so bummed when we found out her bitty baby couldn't have hearing aids like her (and like the JLY dolls). This makes me so much more excited! I have used puffy paint on all of her other dolls but didnt' want to do that on her ag bitty baby!

    1. You are welcome. I am glad this works for you and your special little girl.

  8. These look so much better than the ones AG sells! My little girl picked out a Wellie Wisher for Christmas. AG only makes hearing aids for the Truly Me size and they also have to pierce the ear. Thanks to you, I was able to make one that looks like my daughters.