January 12, 2014

Iditarod race tag for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • Priority Mail Tyvek Envelope
  • or plain paper (not as tear proof)
  • 3/8" black grosgrain ribbon (2x 5")
  • velcro (either sew-on or self adhesive).  I used sew-on in black (soft) and white (rough) to blend with the ribbon and envelope
  • hot glue gun for no-sew ribbon attachment (when sewing not needed)

How to make the Iditarod race tag

 1. Download pattern here
    This pattern uses legal size paper (8.5" x 14")  
    Make sure you have set page scaling to none !!!
    For home use only, this is copyrighted by me, Read Creations !!!

2. Take Tyvek envelope and cut to size to be the same as a legal sized paper (8.5" x 14").
    Make sure you have as little print as possible on it.
    If you don't have a Tyvek envelope you can also use normal paper. It just won't be as tear-proof.
    If you use normal paper you can either print the whole tag on legal paper
    or print two copies on letter paper and glue the shoulder seams together.

3. Put Tyvek paper in printer and print (print on blank side)
   (I used a laser printer and it worked ok, I haven't tried an InkJet printer).

4. Cut out

5a. If you sew velcro on:
    Take one ribbon piece (about 5" long) and fold 1/4" over
    Sew soft velcro part onto folded section
    Fold 1/4" on other end and sew onto front of race tag (about 1 1/2" from bottom)
    Repeat for other ribbon

 5b. If you use self-adhesive velco:
    Take one ribbon piece and cut to 4 1/2".
    Burn ends to make sure they don't unravel (adults only please !!!!!)
    Glue soft velcro part onto one end of ribbon
    Either hand sew or use hot glue gun and glue other end of ribbon onto front of race tag
    (about 1 1/2" from bottom)
    Repeat for other ribbon

6. Sew or glue rough velcor part on back side of race tag also 1 1/2" from bottom.

You are done !!! 

See my other free dog sledding tutorials


  1. Very cute!!!
    What pattern did you use for her jacket (also very cute!)

    1. The jacket was my own pattern design, but if you are looking for a jacket pattern to buy I would recommend Simplicity's 5733 (I tried it for my daughter's doll, it was a little wide for my taste).
      Good luck