February 23, 2014

Gymnastics score book and score card for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • plain paper (for score book)
  • colored card stock (for score book, optional)
  • paper clip (for score book)
  • white card stock (for score card)

How to make the score book and score card

1. Download printable here
    For private use only !!!

For score cards
2. Print on white card stock and cut out all pages, discard cover pages.

For a score book continue with the following steps
2. Print on white paper and cut out.

3. Optional you can print the front and pack page on colored card stock, as I did.

4. Measure even distance and make 5 holes in all pages on left side
   (I used Fiskars Eyelet Setter size 1/16 to make the holes)

5. Take a paper clip and straighten it

6. Take a thick kabob stick and wrap around 5 times

7. Twist paper clip into holes

You are done !!! 

See my other free Gymnastic tutorials

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