October 28, 2013

Witch costume for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • Halloween colored fabric (7 1/4" x 43")
  • black tulle (8 1/4" x 43")
  • colorful fabric remnants for patches
  • colorful thread (clashing colors with fabric remnants) for hand sewing
  • double sided iron-on adhesive (Heat'n'Bond) for remnants
  • 10" 1/4" elastic

See here how to make the broom. 

How to make the skirt

1. Take skirt fabric and sew a 1/4" hem on one long side (fold up 1/4" then again 1/4")

2. Cut a few irregular small shapes from colorful remnant fabric and iron patches on skirt fabric.

3. Hand-stich with uneven stitches around the border of the patches.

4. Lay black tulle on wrong side of skirt fabric, aligning  with un-hemmed skirt fabric.
   Tulle should stick past the hemmed skirt part.

5. Make a 1/2" hem as a casing for the elastic (fold up 1/4" then 1/2").
    Make sure you fold up skirt fabric and tulle.

6. Insert elastic, pin both ends

7. Sew short fabric sides together, including elastic.

You are done !!!



  1. Do you have it for the shirt and hat?

    1. I made it a long time ago. I am sure I have it somewhere but not handy right now. For the shirt you can go to PixieFaire.com and get their free T-shirt pattern and just extend the sleeve length to what you need. That is what I did. For the hat, just take a compass and make a circle with a 1 3/4" radius (that will give you an 11" circumference) and another circle with a radius of 3 1/4" (that will give you a finished brim of 1"), cut that two times. Then cut a triangle where the bottom is rounded and has a distance of 11 1/2" and is as high as you want the hat to be, maybe 7-8". Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.