March 31, 2018

Science - Petri Dish for American Girl Doll

What you need

  • 3g clear lip balm container (found mine on ebay)
  • Acrylic water (optional) or clear school glue as growth medium
  • Acrylic paint or dye (optional) to color growth medium
  • Puff paint (to create the growing bacteria and such)

How to make the Petri Dish

  1. Either mix acrylic water (parts A and B) according to manufacturer's instructions or take clear school glue and optionally mix a little bit of yellow or red acrylic paint in it (not much, you just want a hint).
  2. Pour a small layer into lip balm container. I only used the lid of the container, but you can use the bottom part, if you want to be able to close it later. This will be your "growth medium".
    Let dry/cure.

  3. Take your puff paint (you can use multiple colors) and dot and streak across the "growth medium". Let dry.

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