February 20, 2015

Paris Trip - Crêpes for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • beige polymer clay (FIMO, Sculpey)
  • red, black and blue polymer clay for blueberries and strawberries
  • chalk in brown hues (to color crepes)
  • chalk in white (powdered sugar)
  • a cup with a diameter of around 3 1/2"
  • chocolate colored 3D paint (sometimes called puff paint)
  • rough sand paper
  • brush
  • small drill bit

How to make the crêpes

1. Take beige polymer clay and condition and roll out to about 1/8" thickness

2. Take cup and push down on clay moving around to make the edges slightly rough and thin
    Make sure to leave the edges like that

3. Take the rough sand paper and press it all over the clay, do it on both sides

4. Take the brown chalk and scrape some into a power.
    Use a brush and carefully brush on the edges on both sides
    You can also give some careful color to the inside

5. To make the blueberries, mix some blue and black polymer clay and form very small balls
    About 1/4" in diameter
    Take a small drill bit and drill into one side a little bit and pull out making the edges of the 
    hole rough
    Optionally you can brush on a tad of white powdered chalk

6. To make the strawberries, use some red and cut it in small strips. 
    You can go all fancy and add some white polymer clay as well to make it look more real.

7. I would recommend baking the fruit at this point.

8. Take the baked fruit and add to the top half of the crêpes

9. You can either roll it 

10. Or you can fold up one side

11.Then fold the other side, being wider at the top and narrower at the bottm

12.Then fold the bottom up

13. Bake in the oven

14. Drizzle chocolate colored 3D paint (or puff paint) on and inside crepe, let dry overnight.

15. Optionally you can take some powdered white chalk and sprinkle on as well 
      to simulate powdered sugar (add this while 3D paint is still wet to adhere)

      Use white caulking (used to caulk windows and bathrooms and such) to make whipped cream

As an alternative, you could also use beige felt and cut out in circles.
Bake your polymer fruit and re-make your crêpes according to orders :-)

You are done !!!