December 09, 2014

Paris Trip - Travel Guide for American Girl Doll

Other free Paris items can be found here
Other free travel items can be found here

What you need

  • Paper and printer
  • glue
  • clear self-adhesive laminate or tape (optional)
  • book binders or paper clips (optional)
  • parchment paper or anything non-stick

How to make the Guide

1. Download Travel guide here, copyrighted and created by me, ReadCreations.
    For private use only !!!
    Some of the item images, I found on google some are my own from a recent trip to Paris.
    If I am infringing on anybodies copyright, let me know right away, that is not my intention.

2. Cut out each page and fold in half, with the picturues and writing facing inwards.

3. Stack all guide pages (but not the cover), with the folded sides all on top of each other.
    Make sure they are all facing the same way.

4. Hold together with book binders

5. Put liberal amounts of glue on folded edges to bind them together. Let glue dry

6. Cut out cover and cover printed side with clear self-adhesive laminate or tape (optional)

7. Fold cover around page stack. It will be folded in 2 places to form the spine of the book.

8. Glue cover to first and last page of book.
    Put a piece of parchment paper in between the front page to protect the other pages from glue.
    Same for the last page.

9. Optional, you can glue all blank sides together.

You are done !!!

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