August 26, 2013

School Outfit for American Girl Doll

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What you need

  • Liberty Janes free Polo Shirt pattern (download for free from PixieFaire)
  • fabric for skirt (I also used the fabric for the neck portion of the Polo Shirt)
  • stretch fabric for Polo Shirt
  • velcor

How to make the dress

Unfortunately I finished the dress before I started blogging and don't have any pictures of the process but I took some pictures of the finished dress for illustrative purposes.

1. Follow the instructions for making the Polo Shirt, with two exceptions.
    Shorten the pattern by 1/4" (cut the hem line off) and
    Do NOT hem the bottom of the shirt!
    I used the same fabric for the Polo shirt's neck as I used for the skirt to tie it together.

2. After you have finished the Polo Shirt we start with the skirt.
   Cut a rectangle 4" x 41" and use zigzag all around to prevent fraying.

3. Make 1" pleats and iron.

4. Make a simple 1/4" hem (just fold up once 1/4") and re-iron hem into pleats.

5. Sew skirt to Polo Shirt and top stitch.

6. Polo Shirt should already have the velco on the back  (done in step 1). If not, add it now.

7. Sew skirt together all the way to the start of the Polo Shirt.

You are done !!!

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  1. I tried to get the polo shirt pattern several times with no success.

    1. If I remember correctly, you have to sign up for the newsletter in order to get it. But this has been many years ago and could have changed.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. PixieFaire's Polo shirt pattern is now available for free on their website without having to sign up for the newsletter.